Genova-Detwiler Custom Builders | Philosophy
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Our Custom Building Philosophy

Building should be fun, sensitive, simple and beautiful.

Custom building is about creating art, crafting unique and meaningful living experiences that express an individual’s lifestyle and identity. The act and journey should be fun, educational and simplified by working with competent professionals and craftsmen to create something distinct and beautiful.

The process is as important as the outcome.

The builder is an integral piece of the design process in helping to translate vision into reality, bringing design sensitivity and foresight, and directing the project team to resources that fit the style, mission and budget of the project.  In this way, the builder exerts a lasting influence on the use and enjoyment of a space.

We engage projects on an inspired and select basis.

Delivering a custom built project requires a sincere investment of time, emotion, creativity and attention. The process requires a trusted and committed relationship to create functional beauty. The end result is more than form and structure; it is a shared expression created together that will serve as a legacy for generations to come.